Christina Bartel (CEO + Co-Founder) + Jeremy Bartel (COO + Co-Founder)

Welcome to Let Thy Food. We are love-driven, trailblazing, road-trip-taking, snack-food loving innovators.

Modern life is busy — all the time. Meetings. Travel. Projects. Tasks. Checklists. Exercise. Friends. Family. Passions. Pursuits… When we finally make it to the kitchen (desk, car, satchel, studio…) to grab a snack + meal, we want zero compromise.

Let Thy Food is boldly delicious, plant-pure, clean, nourishing, nutrient-dense foods that are easy to enjoy, simple to prepareversatile to have on hand, and time-saving, so that we can all spend time doing the things we enjoy with the people we love.

When Jeremy, a professional chef, was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and we were looking for whole, plant-based foods to nourish health, we didn’t find anything at all that we were craving. It was either junk food filled with chemicals, inflammatory oils, starches, sugars, gums, and binders; or unapproachable, unrelatable, unimaginative food. It was in a hospital waiting room where nearly every patient was eating junk fast food (of course — it’s delicious, convenient, and readily accessible), that Christina turned to Jeremy and said, “This is why we’re here. We are seeing this — deeply and closely — because we need to fix this.”

Our food system is broken, and the well-worn path toward fixing it, is not working. Our planet and life on it, needs sustainable, compassionate, irresistibly delicious, true nourishment that is convenient, accessible, and relatable. It is not enough to be ‘free of everything.’ It is essential to be reachable, love-filled nourishment

Let Thy Food is nutrient-dense, plant-pure, whole ingredient, all natural, love-driven nourishment; the deliciously decadent satisfaction you’re craving. ZERO COMPROMISE. 

To be nourished is to have the energy to live a vibrantly joyful life, and the power and strength to do profound good in the world — to express, create, engage, advocate, and grow. We believe this wholeheartedly, and we have made it our life’s mission to create and share delicious foods that truly nourish; and to grow a love-driven company of pure integrity, centered on doing good.

We are like no other company. We are love-driven trailblazers, leading the way as a caring and innovative company centered wholeheartedly on doing good. We wholeheartedly believe in collaborating with others to do good. We wholeheartedly believe in treating everyone with love, compassion, and respect.  We wholeheartedly, authentically grow with meaningful, inspired purpose. We wholeheartedly lead with integrity and love — every decision, every day —  to ensure that our every action, our every path, nurtures the greater good.

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