The Plant-Based Holiday: A Gift Guide

In our food-loving world, snacks under the tree (on the tree, near the tree, beside the tree, across from the tree…) are a major score. ‪#‎bornthisway‬

Presenting the world’s only holiday gift guide that reads more like a snack menu…

Emily von Euw | The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook

The Rawsome Vegan Cookbook by Emily von Euw

Delicious Beauty
Emily von Euw, the wholeheartedly passionate and insightful blogger behind This Rawsome Vegan Life, is a brilliant mastermind at developing decadently satisfying, nourishing recipes. You simply cannot go wrong with any of Emily von Euw’s cookbooks. Rawsome Vegan Baking is the ultimate un-cookbook of gorgeous desserts. The newest addition to Emily’s collection, This Rawsome Vegan Cookbook ($19.99), is a compendium of irresistible, savory comfort food recipes. Emily’s approachable writing style and stunningly beautiful photography makes this a must in every food lovers’ kitchen.

JJ's Cocomels Five Salt

JJ’s Cocomels Five Salt

Something Sweet
A day at the spa. A relaxing getaway. A blissful massage. Four months of paid time off. As great as rejuvenation may be, holiday schedules don’t exactly allow for a lot of regenerative quiet time. Which is exactly why, from time to time, one must sneak away to the office supply closet and enjoy the decadent luxury of JJ’s Cocomels Five Salts ($7.99). Experience indicates that all phone calls and paperwork will melt away as you experience satiny, creamy coconut caramel enrobed in chocolate and glimmering with five of the world’s finest sea salts. Does the Cocomel melt for us, or do we melt for the Cocomel? Either way, this is love.

Fitness Inspiration
Anytime we spend time with anyone, the conversation inevitably turns to food. We can’t help it. We’re passionate about food: from food trends to what to cook next, and everything in-between. When the conversation inevitably turns to, “Oh, I don’t think it’s healthy to not eat meat and dairy,” we love that a two-word answer and a googled image tends to quiet any and all doubts: Robert Cheeke.  The man is a powerhouse and he has been plant-based for decades. With an emphasis on a whole-food, plant-based diet, Robert is sharing a mission we wholeheartedly believe in. We founded Let Thy Food with exactly this mission in mind, and Robert’s book, Shred It! ($19.95) is both relatable and inspiring.

Local Flavor
You can never have too much salsa, and Colorado is home to some amazing local salsa brands we love, including Winking Girl and Yai’s Thai. We love supporting local companies led by people who put their hearts into their passion for natural foods. Bold, fresh salsa is the perfect accompaniment to everything from chips, enchiladas, and tacos, to plant-based cheese and crackers. Both of these salsa producers create something distinctively original with a pallet of chilis, each with a flavor profile all their own. Holiday Salsa Parties? Why yes, let’s have several!

Kate Lewis Made Embossed Charcoal Dish

Kate Lewis Made Embossed Charcoal Dish

Serving Up Art
Don’t mind us. We’ll be spending the days staring at all of the gorgeous Kate Lewis Made porcelain masterpieces ($35-$68). Luxurious, velvety, vintage deliciousness. They don’t even need to have actual food in them to garner a million hearts, but we’re dreaming of how beautiful these would be with a Chedd’r Bac’n Scalloped Potatoes Tart. Kate Lewis is an endlessly inspiring genius of a photographer, and her great eye for artistic excellence is beautifully evident in these porcelain food-safe art pieces.

For a Chill Holiday
If you are going to make it through stuffing any amount of stockings, you’re going to need to stock the fridge with delectable bites of pure delicious energy. Hail Merry macaroons ($24, pack of 12) are melt-in-your-mouth divine! Strawberry macaroons have our heart, and the blissfully pure ingredients delight our sensibilities.

The Taco Cleanse

The Taco Cleanse

For the Love of Tacos
Let’s face it. Tacos are everything. The Taco Cleanse ($17.95) promises, “You will wake up in the morning with new enthusiasm when you know your day is going to start with a breakfast taco.” We are definitely on board with The Taco Cleanse philosophy which states, “Your sleep will improve as you begin to detox from the negative self images associated with other diets.” Along with an abundance of jars of Let Thy Food Chile con Queso, The Taco Cleanse book is the superstar gift of the holiday season. More tacos. Less everything else.

Jackson's Honest Chips

Jackson’s Honest Chips

Merry Chips-mas!
In our food-loving world, chips under the tree (on the tree, near the tree, beside the tree, across from the tree…) are a major score. Jackson’s Honest has been an ardent supporter of our Mission and Values by donating chips to sample with Let Thy Food Chile con Queso for a recent Brent’s Place fundraiser 5K. For the support, the Jackson’s Honest Team has our heart and endless gratitude. That these coconut-oil chips are phenomenally delicious and make for insanely perfect enchiladas, is all the more reason to get gifting with Jackson’s Honest!

Let Thy Food | Love Thy Food

Gifts of the Heart
No gift ideas list can ever begin or end without pausing to give the most important gift of all. We have had many a year where the only gifts we were able to give were heartfelt greetings and love, and those have been the greatest gifts. Time wears and fades a lot of things, but time does not diminish what matters most. Costless gifts from the heart are most chrished long after the glimmer of novel gifts has passed. If you are able, please support your local food bank, and one of the many organizations wholeheartedly and compassionately working to make the world more joyful. If you are not able, remember that kindness, empathy, and generosity of spirit are the most beautiful and enduring gifts of all. We are wholeheartedly grateful for the many people who put their hearts every day into nurturing peace, joy, and love.

Let Thy Food

Shameless Self Promotion
We would of course be remiss not to mention Let Thy Food. What can we say? All these chips and porcelain bowls and taco books and delicious treats are going to need a little melt and meltability.

May you have a beautiful holiday season!

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