The Messages We Send

It is 5 a.m. and I am awake before the birds on a barely dark Saturday morning, contemplating media and the role of companies in our cultural conversation.

I am aware that, for as much progress as is being made in the natural foods space to remove toxic ingredients, companies are still getting it so very, very wrong when it comes to removing toxic messaging. For all that the natural foods movement is doing to clean up ingredients, we haven’t yet tackled on a broad scale, cleaning up the steady cultural diet of harmful media messaging.

On our journey to better the world by making plant-based, cruelty-free, natural living, relatable, accessible, and convenient, we have many industry peers who are disrupting the natural foods space with aplomb and better ingredients. And yet.

And yet, in the last ninety days alone, we’ve witnessed more than one natural foods brand we have long admired, shift their messaging toward enormously disappointing.

In their quest to grow and expand, and, presumably, to be perceived as hip and modern, some natural foods brands have begun to shift their media to images of their products alongside the sexualized body parts of women wearing little to no clothing.

There is much information on the subject of harmful media messaging, and it is imperative to know that a steady trickle of this type of messaging to sell products, is pervasively damaging to body image, mental health, and collective well-being.

Selling snacks with revolutionary ingredients by portraying women (or anyone) as sexualized or improvement-requiring parts, is a signal of the existence of the single-minded and often self-serving drive for profits and lack of awareness that got us to toxic products in the first place.

To disrupt the ingredient space of the status quo, while utilizing its tired and toxic methods, is both hypocrisy at its worst, and perpetuating enormous damage.

As an industry, we can and must do better.

I endeavor that as individuals, we know ourselves as strong, fiercely capable, and purposefully driven. I endeavor that together we evaluate and be evaluated not by appearances, but by purpose, wholeness, integrity, and authenticity; by action and the power of voice; by the way we better the world around us each day.

It is my mission to fight tirelessly that Let Thy Food be a conscious company, that we remain deeply considerate of the greater implications of not only our ingredients and practices, but of our voice and messaging.

We are trailblazers. We have never been, and will never be, food for the purpose of appearance or affectation. It is not food for the goal of meeting cultural expectations, but defying, rewriting, and exceeding them. Let Thy Food is nourishment with purpose, authenticity, and integrity.

In our mission to better the world through mindful action and collaboration, we encourage fellow natural food companies to learn more about media messaging (info here), and stand with Let Thy Food in ensuring that together our messaging is as nourishing as our ingredients.


To learn more about resisting harmful media messaging, see here.

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