Smoky Chedd’r Jalapeño BBQ Burgers

Perfection is the beautiful, relaxed simplicity of Let Thy Food Smoky Chedd’r Jalapeño BBQ Burgers. This is extra special deliciousness, and even better, this irresistibly melty, rich, and flavorful Smoky Chedd’r Jalapeño BBQ Burger took all of three minutes to prepare– with zero added oil, plus 100% plant-based, whole ingredients, and nutrient dense goodness.

We start with a Gluten Free Vegan Burger Bun, add some Upton’s Naturals BBQ Jackfruit, drizzle with a luxuriously rich melt of Let Thy Food Smoky Chedd’r Dip, and finish off with Let Thy Food Smoky Chedd’r Superfood Parm and garden fresh jalapeño.

So nourishing. So satisfying. So simple. SO. GOOD.


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