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Let Thy Food Chile con Queso

It was early in the fall, just after the last of the autumn New Mexico green chiles were harvested, when, upon the arrival of dozens of jars of roasted Hatch green chile from Dad, a thought came to us. It was something of a craving-meets-dream, really– a desire for a creamy, spicy, melty dip to honor the beautiful gift of green chile.

And so it began in our kitchen late one night, that we set out to create a recipe for Chile con Queso using nutrient-dense, plant-based, organic, whole ingredients. Eventually, the recipe was perfect: Chile con Queso so deliciously, irresistibly creamy, decadent, and wholeheartedly authentic, that we kept dipping.

It wasn’t long before the fall holidays were upon us that year, and bowlful after bowlful, our guests were enjoying Chile con Queso faster than we could keep up in the kitchen. We knew we were onto something special, and it wouldn’t be long before we were sharing this gift beyond our own home.

Santa Fe is a meaningful part of our hearts and story. We fell in love on a rooftop in Santa Fe, and it is there where we eventually married in the mountains. Every year, to celebrate our family heritage and our shared love of food, we celebrate Christmas in the Santa Fe tradition, plant-based style. The year we created Chile con Queso, our celebration was at last complete with the addition of our remarkably beautiful, gorgeously delicious Chile con Queso.

With the fall season upon us once again, we are looking forward to our annual Santa Fe Christmas tradition of Chile con Queso, posole, tamales, red chile enchiladas, sopapillas, ferolitos, biscochitos, homemade nog, and snowshoeing in the mountains.

This year, as chile harvest comes to a close, we are especially grateful to be sharing Chile con Queso with others beyond our own dining table. Each Let Thy Food product is made with a love of food and a love for others, with honor for those who grow our food, and with a wholehearted desire that each creation brings joy to those who receive it.

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