Our Jar Runneth Over

The last year for our company has been one of extraordinary successes and one of immense challenges. Some of those challenges, we didn’t at all know whether our company would be able to survive them. It is nothing short of a miracle, that here we still are, thriving and growing; in collaboration with so many good people, dreaming and working for our company in which we so deeply believe. It seems that no matter what obstacles our company has faced, Let Thy Food continues to fight forward and overcome the odds.

Let Thy Food’s growth has been a synergy of incredibly good and caring people believing in us, our company, and our vision; sharing our story and creations with others. It has been a synergy of phenomenally supportive retail partners who have nurtured our growth. It has been a synergy of deep love and warm encouragement from so many very good people.We could not have done it without that synergy, that unexpected, beautiful togetherness of growing what is good.

Here we are, this tiny company, making and labeling by hand, each and every product, within each one, placing our deepest care and love. Here we are with a tiny and promising seed we and others continue to nurture.

We began with an idea in a hospital waiting room. Jeremy had been diagnosed with cancer, and we looked up out of our own circumstances, to see that everyone was eating junk-laden fast food, the very food of unwellness. We knew that we could– that we must– share the gift of nourishment with others. We started with intention and little else; and now here we are.

Each jar of Let Thy Food is a little miracle unto itself, existing not because the path has been easy, but because we drive forward on that path purely with the strength and power of love.

We deeply believe that everything falls into place despite the obstacles, when what we seek to accomplish, aligns with what is true and good and just. The beating heart of Let Thy Food is pure, unwavering love.

We are faced with daily reminders of why Let Thy Food deeply matters. In the process of building what is loving, peaceful, and good, some collaborations must end and others do thrive. We are committed to collaborative partnerships with fellow love-driven individuals and companies.

We believe with all our hearts that employers must act with integrity and do better to do what is right and what is good for their employees, collaborators, and customers. We believe with all our hearts that food producers must act with integrity and do better to do what is right and what is good for the health and joy of the planet and all life on it.

We believe with all our hearts that to be nourished is to have the ability to thrive in good health, and love with strength and empathy. It is in this enduring ripple wave, that humble ideas grow to have profound impact. It is in this gently powerful ripple wave, that we are connected to the goodness of others, connected to what is hopeful and possible.

We are forever grateful to the deeply good people who are helping our ideas and our vision to grow forward every day. Thank you for sharing our story. Thank you for sharing our vision. Thank you for loving Let Thy Food. Thank you for believing in us. This pure goodness is the beating heart of Let Thy Food.



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