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For Team Let Thy Food, road trips are more than simply adventures; they are a life philosophy, so essential to our happiness and integral to our company philosophy and values, that everything we create is inspired by the joyful, spontaneous adventures of life. Our inspiration is renewed each time we experience life under the endless sky of the open road. We are often asked, “How do you stick to a healthful lifestyle while on the road?” Here is our answer…

Let Thy Food Road Trip Guide

  1. We equate happiness as a pertinent matter of health, and along those lines, we leave the structured itinerary at home. Have some idea of where you are going, but be flexible if you find a place worth exploring. Note that this approach sometimes leads to inconvenience (reference the time we spent the night in a parking lot in sweltering-hot Nevada), but it also encourages taking the time to discover new interests and sights that bring insight and inspiration. As necessary, make reservations, but definitely create freedom and space for whimsy and surprise.
  2. Take a cooler for the car, and find a hotel with an in-room refrigerator. Even if we are surrounded by the most phenomenal food scene, we love having healthy snacks and cold kombucha on hand. If there are no in-room refrigerators, the hotel ice machine (or purchased ice) and a cooler are a suitable alternative for items including fruit and beverages.
  3. Bring picnic essentials such as picnic blanket, utensils, plates, napkins, sea salt, and cracked pepper. You never know when you will need a spoon! Sometimes you need ice cream in the middle of a road trip. Having a spoon is imperative (although, one can eat ice cream the ice-cream-cone method, peeling down the carton as you go. We’ve heard…).
  4. Discover local foods and producers wherever you go. Along our travels, we have discovered some great local food finds, including the best whoopie pies, local olives and avocados, fresh-picked strawberries, artisan popcorn, falafel, and small-batch cookies. It is a delightful way to support local vendors, and to discover something that you don’t find everyday. To this day, every time we have thai curry popcorn, we are reminded of our fun, adventurous road trip through the desert, and the most incredible sunsets we experienced while snacking on thai curry popcorn.
  5. Restaurants are often able to happily accommodate most eating preferences. Even restaurants that are not specifically plant-based, will omit certain ingredients and toppings by request. Foods such as baked potatoes, salads, steamed vegetables, sandwiches (try hummus or avocado instead of cheese), pizza sans cheese, and vegetable soups, are delicious options. Double check with your server in regards to the ingredients of sauces, dressings, soups, and breads. The appetizer menu often has plenty of incredibly delicious plant-based options. If all else fails, enjoy the ambience, a fruity beverage, and a light salad, and fall back on the snacks you packed along.
  6. Snacks equal love… Sometimes we suspect we take road trips simply to free up our schedule for uninterrupted snacking. Pack snacks for the road such as Justin’s nut butter packs (and OK, peanut butter cups), chips and Chedd’r Bac’n Dip, trail mix, nut butter, bananas, apples, crackers, homemade cookies, carrots, popped popcorn, and cherry tomatoes. Convenience store road finds include nuts (check the label for artificial preservatives and chemically-extracted oils), fresh fruit, trail mix, dried fruit, and fruit strips.
  7. Stock up on water wherever you stop. Always have extra water, more than you think you’ll need. We like the dispenser variety, but gallon size is great, too. Stay hydrated!
  8. Take a walk when you stop. Get some fresh air, and take in the sights. Stop at playgrounds and swing, and use the playground as an outdoor gym (love this brilliant idea from fitness expert Robert Cheeke).
  9. Take along a whole-ingredient smoothie blend and a shaker cup. We like to take our time in the mornings, sleep in, and ease into the day, so unless there is an amazing brunch place in the vicinity, we aren’t likely to eat out for breakfast or visit the hotel’s continental breakfast. Instead, we favor a breakfast smoothie, beginning a new day of exploration, and finding an amazing lunch spot. For this, a smoothie blend and a shaker cup are invaluable for a quick, healthful breakfast on the go.
  10. We are averse to microwaves, so, call us dedicated, but often, we take along a toaster oven. In a pinch during our travels, we’ve made everything from tacos to pizza in our toaster oven. On one adventure, we met up with friends and entertained in our hotel suite, serving up local salad greens, crispy baked fries, gorgeously fresh bean burgers, and a bottle of wine. The elegance was heightened when we served the meal on newspaper…
  11. Ask for recommendations. All of the best restaurants we have found along our travels, are off the beaten tourist path. We are always dreaming of Santa Fe red chile enchiladas and the creamiest flan in the world we had while exploring San Francisco.
  12. Have some ingredients on hand just in case a roadside meal is the best option. Once while at a gas station in middle-of-nowhere, sweltering hot Utah, 300 miles from the next town and with no restaurants in sight, we prepared (in-car, mind you) an impromptu dinner of tacos, thanks to the black bean pack, tomatoes, avocados, Chile con Queso, and corn tortillas we had in our cooler that we had purchased at a grocery store in the previous city. Completely delicious!
  13. On that note, picnics are experiences of love and magic. We adore picnics, and road trips are the perfect opportunity to stop into a gourmet grocer and select an assortment of local finds such as artisan bread, spreads, plant-based cheese, fruit, nuts, olives, and fresh lemonade. With a picnic blanket, the shade underneath any tree is a picturesque place to dine.
  14. Remember, according to age-old wisdom, if you don’t photograph it, it never happened. Tag #letthyfood and show us how you adventure!

We hope to see you along the open road soon!  Here’s to delicious, energizing, inspiring adventures!

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