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Every Let Thy Food is made with an extraordinary amount of joyful, wholehearted Love. Love is in everything we create, and in everything we do.

From our dips to cookie dough, Love is our most important ingredient. Fans often tell us, “There’s just something about Let Thy Food that is so wonderfully, purely delightful.” Much of this has to do with the quality of our ingredients — always 100% plant-based, whole ingredients, and non-GMO. But in addition to gourmet chef-created recipes and the best ingredients, there’s something else that makes our products extra special, and that is Love.

Everyone is quite delighted with all of the Love that goes into Let Thy Food, but we also get a lot of requests for extra, extra, extra Love. The simple fact is, while there is already an extraordinary amount of Love in all Let Thy Food, that hasn’t stopped anyone from wanting a lot more.

So we had to ask ourselves, how can we put even more Love into everything we do? How much Love is too much Love? It was all getting very existential by this point, but we wondered, would it be possible to share, simply, the Love?

The answer is a resounding YES! Introducing Let Thy Food Love. We have taken the essence of all things joyful Love, and everything Colorado Love — The Rocky Mountains, picnics, hiking, road trips, sunny adventures, the sound of laughter, flowers, fresh air, streams, magical sunsets, togetherness, joy, and sunshine — and, using a highly specialized proprietary method, created Let Thy Food Love. The result is truly special.

Try it and we know you’ll agree, Let Thy Food Love is wholeheartedly delicious and joyfully nourishing. We want to put Let Thy Food Love in everything, and we think you will, too.

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