Introducing Three New Superfood Parms!

Whatever the season, life for us is always insanely crazy busy, so when we toss together a snack or meal, we always start with a healthy base (like quinoa, lentils, whatever’s fresh in the garden, potatoes), and accessorize with bold + fun toppings — dressings, dips, and Superfood Parms, obvi. Sometimes I want Thai takeout and he wants Italian. Or the kids wants chedd’ry and we want queso-y. Whatever we’re having, we can all take our meals in whatever direction we prefer. Today we are adding three new direction possibilities to our already amazing lineup of versatile and flavorful Superfood Parms!

We are so thrilled to finally announce three brand new flavors of Let Thy Food Superfood Parm: Chile Ginger, #TacoTuesday, and Garlic Butter, available now at our online shop. Like all of our Superfood Parms, these are made with locally grown Colorado hemp hearts, and are biodiversity friendly; contain the optimal omega fatty acids ratio; are fiber rich; and are a bioavailable, complete protein. Like all Let Thy Food, our Superfood Parms are 100% plant-based, non-GMO, nutrient-dense, made with whole ingredients, all natural, paleo, and vegan. Our products contain zero fillers, binders, gums, emulsifiers, oils, sugars, starches, or additives, and contain no artificial anything, ever.

SUPERFOOD PARMS ARE AMAZING ON: Avocado Toast. Zucchini noodles. Pizza. Pasta. Salad. Toast. Bowls. Popcorn. Mac. Quinoa. Potatoes. Sandwiches. Breakfast. Soup. Noodles. Dips. Burgers. Vegetables. Dips. Everything!

Let Thy Food Chile Ginger Superfood Parm is everything we need in life: intriguing, bold, nourishing. We’ve been putting this on everything, and it is perfection.

Garlic is life, and the buttery rich decadence of Let Thy Food Garlic Butter Superfood Parm, pairs beautifully with anything and everything. Avocado toast has found a new love.

EVERY DAY is #TacoTuesday. Let Thy Food #TacoTuesday Superfood Parm is the most perfect and deliciously decadent union of a complete protein in portable format, paired with the uniquely bold, savory, creamy allure of the most incredible taco seasoning ever. Love this on nachos, sandwiches, burgers, queso, all day, every day!

We can’t wait for you to experience our new Superfood Parms, always chef-made with love in beautiful Colorado! Visit our online store now to shop the entire collection of Let Thy Food dips, dressings, and Superfood Parms.


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