Introducing Superfood Dressing • Dip

There it is, your healthy, beautiful salad, loaded to the brim with fresh greens, vibrant tomatoes, bold onion, bright broccoli, crisp cucumber, lively radishes, sunny sprouts. When it’s time to liven up the flavor of your salad greens, what is befitting of your delightfully nourishing, garden fresh salad?

Oils? Starches? Sugars? Gums? Fillers? Binders? Dairy? Chemicals? Flavor additives? MSG? Protein extracts? Flours?  Take a look at any dressing on any grocery shelf anywhere, and those are exactly the ingredients you will find on every dressing on the shelf.

Until now. Introducing the world’s first-ever whole ingredient, nutrient-dense, plant pure dressings: Let Thy Food Boulder Ranch Superfood Dressing • Dip, and Let Thy Food Green Chile Ranch Superfood Dressing • Dip.

Effortlessly versatile, Let Thy Food dressings double as dips — they’re downright heroic, actually. Drizzle them on salad, pizza, fries, nachos, pasta — literally everything. Use them to dip chips, crackers, vegetables, all the things.

Since launching these new creations, the feedback has been amazing. Finally, dressings that are lusciously creamy, fresh and herby, bold and pure. Zero compromise.

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