Happy Smoky Chedd’r Dip Tuesday To Me!

Not sure if you know this or not, but one of the absolute best Let Thy Food dip pairings in the history of EVER, is Dill Pickle Potato Chips + Let Thy Food Smoky Chedd’r Dip.

Dog ate your homework? Got a big bill in the mail? Somehow forgot to set your clock for daylight savings time (and that was months ago)? We’ve all been there. And the way forward is through snacks, my friend. The dog doesn’t regret it one bit. The bill doesn’t care. The clock doesn’t even know what we’re talking about. When modern life hassles get you down, the answer is snacks that satisfy your craving for something delicious, while nourishing your desire for something plant-pure and nutritious.

You’re not going to need a cooler, a recipe, or a degree in culinary science to enjoy Let Thy Food. Simply open and enjoy. Thy Food is simple, quick, convenient, and so decadently amazing — because it’s made by a professional chef with a degree in nutrition. With love. Always.

We take flavor — and nutrition — very seriously. Definitely more seriously than your dog takes daylight savings time. Which is probably a good thing, because if your dog is stressed out about daylight savings time, it might be time to get your dog to stop reading the internet.

We digress. Dill Pickle Potato Chips + Let Thy Food Smoky Chedd’r Dip. Trust.

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