Congratulations, it’s Queso de Mayo!

Congratulations, it’s Queso de Mayo, the lesser known but more exciting cousin of Cinco de Mayo. And you know what that means. Uninterrupted snacking. So… we’ve rounded up our absolute favorite ideas and recipes, perfect for celebrating with kombucha margaritas or fresh-squeezed limeade.


Let Thy Food Dips + Chips

For the celebrant who has had it all (and by all, we mean, needs a break from all the effort-adulting), Let Thy Food dips + chips are pure simplicity, the ultimate in ease, elegance — not to mention crazy-delicious irresistible goodness.  There’s a reason VegNews just named Let Thy Food TOP TEN CHEESY SNACK! (Not like we’re announcing it with a megaphone at the corner of Champa and 16th in downtown Denver or anything — why, what have you heard?!?….. #humble)

Of Course Tacos

Be serious. Of course there would be Of Course Tacos on this list. This combination is LIIIIIFE: roasted cauliflower tossed in Let Thy Food Chile con Queso + Red Cabbage Queso Blanco Slaw + Arugula + Onion + Santa Fe Jack Superfood Parm. You’re welcome.

Veg Chips + Queso

Good food, good mood! We’ve been trying to incorporate fewer grains and more fresh vegetables into our snack lineup. We love making our own fresh-cut zucchini, cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, and red cabbage ‘chips.’ So crunch, fresh, clean, satisfying, and delicious!

Queso + Chedd’r Jalapeño Poppers

Speaking of fresh and delicious, we love these quick and easy jalapeño poppers. It’s as easy as this: cut the top (lengthwise) off several jalapeños. Core out the seeds and membrane. Fill with an assortment of Smoky Chedd’r Dip, Queso Blanco, Hatch Valley Queso, and Chile con Queso. Top with crushed tortilla chips. Enjoy raw, or bake for 15-20 minutes at 350F. YUMMAAAAZING!!!

Queso Nacho Chedd’r Sliders

That’s right. You heard it here first: Nacho Sliders are EVERYTHING!!!! Take a Smoky Chedd’r Biscuit. Slice in half and fill with tortilla chips, Chile con Queso, chives, Road Trip Salsa, black beans, and black olives. So much yes.

Queso Nacho Skillet

Whether you keep it simple with your favorite chips and Queso, or whether you go all out with the toppings, Let Thy Food nachos are delicious perfection. Some topping ideas include black olives, jalapeños, black beans, Santa Fe Jack Superfood Parm, guacamole, greens, onion, chives, and green onion. We’ll be repeating this forever and ever.

Santa Fe Jack Superfood Guacamole

Bold Hatch Green Chile meets Superfood goodness. Mash an avocado and season with Santa Fe Jack Superfood Parm + sea salt to taste. Add a splash of lime. Top with jalapeño slices and more Santa Fe Jack Superfood Parm. Garnish with lime wedges. Serve with tortilla chips. Oh. So. Good.

Queso Fries

We literally do not have words for this. You need Chile con Queso fries in your life. The end.

Queso Blanco Tots

Did we mention our Queso is award-winning? For your own award-winning, delectable masterpiece, bake up your favorite tots and top them with Queso Blanco. Garnish with jalapeño slices and chive confetti. You’ll never not want these, which is our way of saying, for the love of everything, do share with us when you make these. Because OMG.

Chedd’r BLT + Queso Taco Pizza

Not kidding. It’s getting really difficult to be writing out this list, staring at all these gorgeous memories and re-living the pure ecstasy of these pizzas. Get in my mouth, Chedd’r BLT + Queso Taco Pizza. Right now. BRB. Need to go bake some pizza crust…

Queso Skillet Enchiladas

Did we mention how difficult it is to be writing out this list of our Queso de Mayo favorites?!? Fortunately, I’m snacking on some grain-free tortilla chips + Hatch Valley Queso right now, so my heart will go on. Speaking of going on (and on), I could literally go on and on about these Queso Skillet Enchiladas FOREVER. They’re so creamy, cheesy, satisfying, and perfect. I’m wild about these.

And there you have it, our essential ideas and recipes for a delectable Queso de Mayo (which occurs all day every day, BTW…). If you’re craving more, check out our ideas page or visit us on social to see how we’re snacking and adventuring right now.

Happy Queso de Mayo! Never stop celebrating, my friends!

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