Clean Up On Aisle Dip!

There Christina was, seven years old, and her favorite food in the universe was chips and dip.

There Jeremy was, seven years old, creeping down the stairs in pajamas while his parents had a party without him late into the night. He glimpsed the secret spread of snacks, and was crestfallen to be excluded, and asked, “We’re got dip?!?”

It’s true. We love dip, always have. But look at the ingredient labels of every other dip on the shelf right now: some combination of dairy and chemicals like artificial preservatives and flavor additives; and inflammatory foods like oils and sugars. CLEAN UP ON AISLE DIP!!!

Let Thy Food brings bold purity to the table, shelf, and conversation, and we’re doing it with love, integrity, and a wholehearted commitment to growing our independent company as a strong force for good. We are a wholehearted company driven by love, empathy, and a deep commitment to do good in the world. We take the route of integrity, even when it’s the long road; even when it’s the difficult road.

We believe wholeheartedly in nourishing others, because we know that to be nourished is to have strength and power and voice.

We believe in plant-pure ingredients the way they arrive from nature. We created our recipes in our own kitchen using only real, whole foods. Each small batch is made by a chef with extraordinary care, love, and attention to quality. Every jar. Every batch. Every day.

We are going to continue cleaning up the dip aisle, one jar of love at a time.

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