Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Panini

Any pizza topped with Let Thy Food Spicy Italian Superfood Parm, is literally the most delightful and amazing culinary experience in the galaxy.

Some days you really, really, really want an amazing culinary experience, but you’re exhausted or busy and want to put absolutely zero effort into cooking. This Wanderculinarilust Chicago Deep Dish Pizza is for exactly those moments.

We recently launched Wanderculinarilust, a Trailblazing, Wandering Restaurant, and this Wanderculinarilust Chicago Deep Dish Pizza has become universally regarded as literally the best sandwich EVER. We almost don’t want to share.

We start with the highest, purest, transparent integrity standards in the industry, always 100% plant based, All Natural, Non-GMO, and made without gluten, soy, or palm oil. On our freshly made Butter Crust Focaccia, we layer on melty, fresh Wander Mozzarella, Organic Braised Greens, Quinoa Italian Sausage, and San Marzano Marinara. Then we top this glorious masterpiece with a celebratory shake of Let Thy Food Spicy Italian Superfood Parm.

Top your favorite pizza with your own celebratory sprinkling of Let Thy Food Superfood Parm. Or head over to Wanderculinarilust, relax, leave the culinary effort to us, and simply enjoy an incredible experience. Either way, it’s going to be superfood super good.

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